Advantages of Outdoor Lighting

Thomas Edison never imagined LED bulbs, but he did imagine the benefits of home lighting. We live in a world where we expect to have light whenever and wherever we want it, and LED bulbs and lighting are lighting the way to the future. The technology of this form factor becomes more ingenious by the day. Tiny lights, huge lights, from nightlights to stadium lights these devices are placed in use daily and the world is becoming more energy efficient daily as a result.

Home exterior lighting has so many advantages and LED’s have come in to its own here too. Professional lighting that we use can be color adjusted to give the same pleasing light color that incandescent lights did.

some advantages of exterior lighting are:

  • Safety and Security
  • a properly lit exterior might prevent a fall, might dissuade a burglar.
  • Curb appeal

Accentuate the best parts of your home with uplights, downlights, bullet lights, and wash lights. a visually appealing environment makes it an environment you want to use. It expands the home to the outdoors making it attractive to the homeowners and guests.

Increasing Your Property Value

LED lighting has come down in price and last 60 times longer, but beyond that think of what visual appeal can do for your home value. Think curb appeal. Re-sale. Also exterior lighting may improve your insurance risk, lowering your premiums.

Light fixtures that we use are professional grade, from companies you might not find at your local diy store: Kichler, Volt, and Vista are some of the brands we use. Fixtures are customizable by finish. They can be copper, brass, bronze, painted, etc.

Consider the possibilities!