The Importance of Functionality:

Outdoor fireplaces and fire pits and wonderful amenities. Having a few friends over to share a warm cozy fire or the ability to cook outside in warm weather without heating up the kitchen is absolutely lovely. Also a nice outdoor grill area can really add to your quality of life, and with all the cooking shows available it’s not really that hard to create a wonderful meal, or even fix (prepare) something as simple as a few steaks with some baked potatoes. And fire pits can be a rustic set up with logs for fuel, or as elegant as a sunken area surrounded and enclosed with marble with fire from natural gas coming up through colored glass or other materials for atmosphere only.

Nowadays we find that many people who build outdoor fireplaces request sophisticated set-ups with lighting, built-in televisions, And speaker systems. These are things we have experience installing because it has become so commonplace lately. Often the fireplace is plumbed for natural gas or propane.


A stroll through the internet may spark your imagination for the design of your dreams. If you can imagine it, we can build it. Some building codes may dictate certain restrictions. We can advise on that.

Common materials for fire pits might include trapezoidal interlocking blocks, concrete , brick, or stacked stone. A combination of materials might be used. We line our fire pits with firebrick to keep the other materials from being adversely affected by high heat. You will be getting a quality product!

Expect to pay $1200-$3500 for fire pits and budget at least $9000 or more for custom outdoor fireplaces.