Although we spend a tremendous amount of time constructing hardscapes (patios, outdoor fireplaces, water features, walkways, and more) we also design landscaping to complement those structures.  If you are looking to start a landscaping project, please give us a call!

The Importance of Balance in Landscaping

Balance in landscape philosophy refers to the visual weight each tree or other design element gives to the overall plan and how the overall choices balance each other and the structures and other existing elements on the site. Balance is a key component of our thought processes.

Landscaping for Privacy and Beauty

When necessary larger trees can be brought in to screen areas for privacy or to dampen the sound of voices or noise in general. Often Trees, shrubs, grasses, and flowers have more to add to the ambiance and charm of the project than for any other reason. Beautiful areas are healing for the mind. Careful selections of ornamentals, with balance, will create magical spaces.

Landscaping Simplicity and Maintenance

Another key component of landscaping is simplicity. If a component is important visually it should stay. If not it should be removed. This will keep the design easier to maintain and make it neat and uncluttered. Trees and plants will not thrive without water, so irrigation systems might be required, luckily irrigation can be automated, and after installation will require very little thought. We give much attention to maintenance concerns of the client and will landscape with low maintenance options in collaboration with the client.

When Landscaping is the Project

Shrubs, grasses, flowers, and smaller trees, give a hardscape project the finished look it deserves. Other times the landscaping is the project! Perhaps you wanted a coy pond or waterfall. Plants or boulders might just be the start of such a landscape. We collaborate with the client to create the look, the feel, sound, and even the smell (flowers?) that brings the landscaping together.