Permeable pavers provide a benefit for your yard beyond visual appeal. We use these pavers in many of our hardscaping projects, but what are they? They’re concrete pavers overtop a layer of small stones (aggregate) that filter and drain rainwater into the ground. Permeable pavers can be used for driveways, patios, walkways, etc. Let’s go over why you need these pavers in your yard instead of other options.

Benefits Permeable Pavers Give the Homeowner

Hardscaping projects aren’t just about form– they’re about function, too. These are the functions permeable pavers serve in your yard:

  • They reduce your grass’ water demand when placed over grassy areas. 
  • They help reduce erosion when the grass is dry or dead.
  • They eliminate pools of water where mosquitoes can breed. 

Remember, these pavers filter and drain rainwater back into the ground. Instead of water sitting until it evaporates back into the air, the water can hydrate plant life. 


Because these pavers drain water, they’re a great option for driveways– especially steep driveways. As opposed to traditional impervious materials like concrete and asphalt, permeable pavers don’t contribute to water running down your driveway. This way, your car’s tires have better traction on the surface and can drive safely when it’s wet.

Community Impact of Permeable Pavers

There are many ways the community benefits from the use of these pavers in public parks, but the community also benefits when an individual uses them in their private yard. There’s one major impact you can have on your community by choosing these pavers for your next hardscaping project.

Permeable pavers reduce runoff. When it rains, there is bound to be water runoff. When there’s too much of it, it overwhelms the storm drains and leads to flooding in the community. Additionally, runoff collects contaminants and heats up as it moves– eventually disrupting the natural waterways. By opting for this pervious material instead of concrete, asphalt, or gravel, you help improve your community’s odds against flooding and water contamination. This is vital especially in a place like Georgia, where it rains frequently.

Everybody Wins

There is no downside to choosing permeable pavers in your yard. They’re attractive, and they help the environment. Boost your curb appeal and help the community by choosing these for your next hardscaping project.