Spring has rolled around, you hired a team of professionals to come sod your yard, and everything looks great. In order to keep your yard looking great, there are some steps of sod aftercare you need to follow closely in order to keep your sod looking clean cut and fresh.

First 2 Weeks

Your sprinkler system plays a crucial role in sod aftercare. In the first two weeks after installing fresh sod, watering your yard is the most important task to stay on top of. The sod needs to stay moist all throughout the day, but you need to be mindful to not overwater the yard. Using your sprinkler system, water your yard 4-6 times a day for 5-6 minutes each time. 

An indication you’re giving your yard too much water at one time is if water is standing still under the sod for more than a couple minutes after watering or if the soil is soggy. Fresh sod doesn’t have a deep root system, so too much water will drown your grass, depriving it of oxygen and killing it.

When watering your fresh sod, also be mindful of the time of day you’re watering. Avoid watering after 5 or 6 in the evening to avoid any problems with fungus.

Do not walk on your grass for the first two weeks. Fresh sod is not resilient enough to handle heavy foot traffic. It’s safe to walk on it after the first mowing, roughly 14 days after installation. Remember, never cut more than ⅓ of the blade of grass at a time.

After 3+ Weeks

After the first two weeks pass, you’ll gradually reduce watering. You first need to check if the roots are established. To do so, carefully lift up a corner of one of the sod pieces. If you feel resistance, the roots are beginning to establish and you can begin cutting back on watering sessions.

Beginning in week 3, water your yard once every other day, and let the soil soak down to a depth of half an inch. Once your sod is established, treat your yard like any other and water it twice a week– letting the soil soak down to a depth of an inch or two. To keep up your grass’ health, be sure to water your grass more when the temperature rises above 80 degrees. 

Once 4-6 weeks pass after the initial installation, you need to fertilize your grass. Make sure the ground is dry first, then apply the fertilizer and water the yard

Don’t Neglect Sod Aftercare

Taking care of fresh sod can be a tedious task, but once you establish a schedule and stick to it, your yard will continue to look phenomenal through the whole season. The most crucial element of sod aftercare is watering– stay diligent.