Pools are a great way to set the atmosphere for the summer, but they can look even better with the right plants. The landscaping around a pool can completely change the look and feel of the pool itself. With plants of different textures, sizes, colors, and aromas, your pool can be a tropical oasis or a zen spa– whichever you decide.

Things to Consider When Landscaping Around a Pool

  • Maintenance
    • Is it easy to maintain the plant you want where you want it?
  • Safety
    • Maybe don’t opt for cacti, rose bushes, or other prickly plants in an area where your skin will be exposed and where children will potentially be running around.
  • Privacy
    • Don’t have a fence? Planting shrubs or trees closely together will help you enclose your pool area while keeping up with your aesthetic.
  • Size and Shape of Landscaping Area
    • Some plants like to grow and keep growing. Other plants require lots of space to flourish. Landscaping around a pool often has limited space– choose your plants wisely.
  • Variety
    • You need to have balance and proportion in any landscape design, but you also shouldn’t forget to add variety to break up the monotony and create a beautiful view.
  • Color/Texture
    • This is where your individual taste comes into play. Your favorite plants might be beautiful on their own, but how do they look alongside other plants? Read up on color theory to get the right colors going together, but also consider the different textures of different plants. Do they work together?
  • Fragrance
    • Face it: some plants smell bad. We don’t think you’d willingly plant a bad smelling plant, but some plants’ fragrances when combined might not smell pleasant to you. For example, rosemary bushes smell nice and lavender flowers smell nice, but to some, the combination doesn’t smell right.

Popular Choices

  • Herbs/Flowers
  • Creeping Plants
  • Vines
  • Ornamental Grasses
  • Potted Plants
    • Make sure the pot matches your aesthetic, too.
  • Simple, Classic Sod

The landscaping around a pool can make or break your desired atmosphere for the summer. The good thing about landscaping is that it can always be changed. Whenever you outgrow your style or are ready for a change, your current plants can be rearranged and new plants can be added. And it’s never a bad idea to have a professional team and landscape designer come in and revamp your space.