If you’ve got an outdoor fireplace or fire pit, you’ve got a head start on having your backyard ready for fall. Even though fall started last month, it’s not too late to turn your yard into the visual version of pumpkin spice. Assuming you’ve been following along with your seasonal maintenance, you’re ready for the best backyard fall decor.

1. Pumpkins & Gourds

We all know nothing says “fall” quite like a pumpkin and its colorful gourd relatives. Pumpkins become jack-o-lanterns and paint canvases for the season, and their ceramic models become staple fall decor from year to year. Combined with the colors and textures of various gourds and squash, the vegetable medley makes for beautiful centerpieces or decorations outside of your door.

2. Wagons 

Leave the collapsible wagon you take with you to little league games in the garage. Instead, head over to a hobby store or antique store to find a bright colored wooden wagon that looks straight out of a Better Homes & Gardens issue. When your grass begins to turn, your eye will be drawn to this pop of color instead of your yellowing grass. Not to mention they make for a great prop when you take that family photo.

3. String Lights

String lights are great all year round. If you don’t have them up yet, what are you waiting for? With fall bringing in cooler evenings, your friends and family will be pulling up to your house for cornhole, s’mores, and beers. Adding string lights sets the mood and creates an inviting space for your social events.

4. Leaf Wreaths

You can try to use the crunchy colorful mess in your backyard for this, but if you’re a novice DIY’er, maybe a run down to Hobby Lobby will make the project easier on you. But don’t forget to rake up those real leaves!

5. Hay bales

Use these in combination with the pumpkins or cover them with fall fabrics and create extra seating around your fire pit or outdoor fireplace. Break them apart and add some hay to your centerpieces or your leaf wreaths. You can even put the hay bale in a wagon with more pumpkins and gourds for the ultimate backyard fall decor experience.

Once your yard and hardscapes are covered in the perfect backyard fall decor, you’ll be sipping your morning coffee and evening wine on a haybale near the fire pit everyday. Maybe you’ll even host Thanksgiving outside this year. Whatever you decide to do this fall, spend time outside in your custom designed backyard.