After you’ve invested in a patio or walkway for your yard, it’s not a question of if you should seal your pavers– it’s more like when and how?  Like most yard improvements, paver patios and walkways come with a price; and neglecting the sealant is like throwing all that money and/or time away. If you don’t want your patio to fade, crack, or grow weeds, you have to seal your pavers.

Paver stones are made up of porous concrete, which is vulnerable to the elements by itself. You could be looking at a moss covered cracked patio if left unsealed for too long. Weeds will come up through the cracks, your yard will have a new drainage problem, and anything that touches your patio will stain it. We know you don’t want that, so let’s talk about how to seal your pavers. 


Picking Your Sealant

There are two types of sealant: film forming (gloss) and non-film forming (matte). For a natural look, you’d go with a non-film forming sealant; however, a film forming sealant forms a physical protective layer over your patio. Because of this, you need to wait at least a month after having your patio installed before using a gloss sealant– a matte sealant is only a week’s wait. 


Prepping Your Pavers

Before sealing your pavers, you need to open the pores of the concrete even more. Nearly every brand of sealant also has a prepping solution that opens the pores and gets the concrete ready for sealing. Depending on how long it’s been since installing your patio, you may need to weed and pressure wash the paver stones before applying the prepping solution. On a hot, sunny day, you’ll only need to wait a few hours after the prepping solution to apply the sealant. On a cloudy or cold day, the wait is 24 hours. 


Sealing Your Pavers

You’ll be working with chemicals, so make sure you’re wearing gloves, a mask, and protective shoe covers. Once you get started, don’t stop. You do not want to let a section dry before you finish. The best way to make sure that doesn’t happen is to pick a warm– not hot– day to tackle this project. 75 degrees and sunny is perfect. 

Once you’ve sealed your pavers, keep everything and everyone off of them for the next 3 days. Enjoy your patio worry free for the next 3-5 years— when it’s time to seal again.