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Last month, we taught you how to decorate your outdoor living space. Well, spring is here now, which means those charcoal pieces in your grill are ready to glow for another BBQ season. Your grill is ready. Your dry rubs are ready. Your patio is built and furnished, but is it ready? Without some good outdoor lighting, your party might end sooner you want.

Before you rush out to Amazon and buy a bunch of lights, there are a couple steps to take to ensure your lighting sets the right tone.

Decide on a Mood and Practicality

Your backyard is the hub for backyard parties and BBQs. With all the lighting options out there, it’s important to take into account what your space is being used for and who is using it.

Ask yourself: Will there be kids around? Is this lighting weather resistant or easily removable during rain?

If you have kids or have kids over a lot, you might not go for big pillar candles with flames or hurricane lanterns or anything else potentially dangerous and/or breakable. Instead, you might opt for some string lights.

For rainy seasons, you might opt for the hurricane lanterns and candles for their easy storage, but you’ll definitely benefit from string lights if you have the time to put them up.

Most importantly, your style of lighting should still reflect you and your interests. Some people like tiki torches and Chinese lanterns, while others prefer pendant lighting and hidden LED light strips. Whether you consider yourself more outgoing and creative or classy and simple, it’s important your light choice reflects that.

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Set a Budget

It’s easy to spend a lot of time on Pinterest and Google collecting ideas of what you like and want to emulate, but not all ideas share the same price. If you have a small budget, you might lean more towards– wait for it– string lights. From edison lights, to globe lights, to colored lights, your options are endless… and layerable. Your outdoor lighting can feature lots of string lights or just a couple strands. You can lace them through your lattice or hang them overhead. They’re the most versatile, budget-friendly outdoor lighting choice to vamp up your BBQs.

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If you have some cash lying around, you can get a little more creative with your lighting. Anywhere from basic pendant lighting to uplighting to solar-lit furniture and planters, your vision can take control. Hang pendant lights over the table, install LED strips on your steps, and add lights of all brightnesses and hues.

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Get to Work

Once you’ve decided on the what, decide on the where and the how.

Where are the tiki torches going? How many do you need in that area?

Where are the pendant lights and lanterns going? How are they going there?

How long is the string of lights? How big is the area I want to cover?

Ask yourself as many questions as you can before starting to avoid any “oops” moments. Dedicate one of your Saturday afternoons to install all of your outdoor lighting and then invite your neighbors over for the first BBQ of the season.


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No matter what you decide for your outdoor lighting, remember that it can all be easily changed as your taste changes. Have fun with it! Show it off, and send us pictures from your parties to