After you hire someone to a build a beautiful outdoor living space, it’s up to you to design the finishing touches. We’ve seen many approaches to this final design, so we decided it was time to release a helpful guide on good design suggestions.

Keep the Space in Mind

This may sound obvious, but it still needs to be said. Your outdoor living space is not the same as your living room or reading nook. Your coffee table may look stylish in your den, but it will look out of place on your patio. Outdoor spaces call for outdoor furniture.

Even with outdoor furniture, it’s still possible for it to look out of place. If your furniture is the wrong size, it will look just as awkward. Larger outdoor living spaces call for larger pieces of furniture, while smaller ones call for smaller pieces.

If your patio is intended to be an extension of your home, arrange the furniture in a way that encourages conversation. If the furniture is too spaced out, a conversation might be too hard to have. And if they’re too close together, people might not be comfortable. Make the space feel warm and inviting.

Whatever you end up purchasing or repurposing to fit your needs, don’t forget that it will be outside at all times. Keep in mind how each piece will withstand heat, rain, and constant humidity in this Atlanta weather.


What looks good or bad is entirely subjective, so there are no strict rules here. However, if you’re feeling lost, let’s break it down one step at a time.

Is your furniture wire or iron? Wicker or wood? Generally speaking, keeping one style of furniture will create the best look for your outdoor living space.  But don’t stop there. Add a color scheme.

Do you have a garden or a flower bed? What colors are dominant? Maybe your garden features purple or blue. You can have the furniture cushions or other decor mimic the dominant color in your garden. And if pops of color aren’t your thing, earth tones and neutrals are always a classic color scheme.

Your furniture matches. The colors look good. But if something still feels like it’s missing, don’t forget there are other ways to add character to your outdoor living space. By adding wind chimes, little statues, or even potted plants, you could make your space seem more alive.



If you want to use your newly decorated outdoor space in the evening or at night, the lighting cannot be overlooked. Landscape lighting, fire pits, or even lanterns and torches are all viable options to bring your space to life at night.

Even if you’re adding lighting because you’re afraid of the dark as an adult, no one is going to question it. The warm glow a fire gives off is too inviting to resist. Even adding something as simple as string lights to your patio will liven up the evening and night mood.


When designing your outdoor living space, everything is up to you and what you want. Don’t be afraid to try something new. Have some fun with it! And if your patio or fire pit needs a little facelift, you know where to find us.