Fall has been playing tricks on us this year. It was hot until… it wasn’t. While we were anticipating the cold weather, we weren’t ready when it hit us suddenly. Waking up and falling asleep to 40 degree weather has us turning on the heat setting of our thermostats and staying inside. We’re watching our outdoor sports from the comfort of our cushy couches, blankets on, heat running. We’re cracking open a cold one and cheering when the Falcons score. The only time we’re outside is to walk to the car to get to and from work. It’s too cold to be outside at night unless there’s a source of warmth like a fire pit…

Fire pits are the best part of fall, and these are the top 3 reasons why.

s'more around a fire pit

1. S’mores

S’mores are exclusively a nighttime food, and you can’t make them without a fire pit. But they’re more than a fun little snack– they’re an activity within themselves. You watch as the little ones attempt the make them for the first time, somehow getting marshmallow goop all over their clothes with a melted chocolate smear to match. You watch as the men burn the marshmallows because it tastes better that way.

Everyone gathers around the fire pit, laughing with each other at the messes being made while your heart fills with memories.

Bonfire in a fire pit

2. Bonfires

Hosting a bonfire can mean an infinite amount of things. It could mean having a night of music, with a few people playing their guitars and the others all singing in harmony. It could even mean hosting a Bible study or a night of conversation.

Whatever a bonfire means to you, no one ever forgets the chilly nights around the fire pit. Invite the kids, the grandkids, the neighbors, and your friends over for a warm night around the fire to break up the cold, bleak nights that are only getting colder.

friends and family at a bonfire around a fire pit

3. Friends and Family

What better way to spend the fall season than with friends and family? The holidays are just around the corner, and the fire pit is the perfect time to have one last casual get together before everyone gets dressed up and hands out hundreds of dollars worth of gifts.

There’s nothing wrong with gifts and spending money, but sometimes it’s good to have the family over just because. You can teach your daughter and her daughter how to make the family recipes of apple cider, hot cocoa, and pumpkin bread. Everyone will cozy up around the fire with a steaming hot drink and delicious slice of spiced bread.


There are so many things we could list off as the best parts of fall and the fire pit, but we believe they go hand in hand. There’s only a brief window of time every year to use a fire pit without it being too hot or too cold, and we are in that window now.

If you haven’t already, be sure to schedule a consultation to get a fire pit built to enjoy this season.